The idea

That’s it! We are alive! This whole idea was born when some friends of mine visited NYC a couple of months ago, for their honeymoon. Since then, I’ve been having a whole wave of people visiting, every month and for the months to come and even more that they are making plans to visit.

While my friends P. and C. were here, I felt like I wanted to tell them so many tips, so many things to do and others to avoid, what is a must-see and what’s not worth it. I wanted so badly somehow transfer them all the things I knew and I had discovered here and also everything I loved about this city. I wanted them to see the city through my eyes and make sure that they will love it as  much as I do. The thing is, when someone is a tourist here, this is not very easy, as most of the times their roaming or wi-fi access is limited.

So, I thought, I can try to gather all this information in one place. Plus, it’s not just them, it’s not just about P. and C. It’s every one of my friends, every one of my future friends. That  is also the reason I decided to write in a language different from my mother language, even if I may not have the same writing skills in a ‘foreign’ language.

I hope you enjoy the New York City I love and that you love it too. Believe me, it’s not hard at all.



One thought on “The idea

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