East Village walk

The East Village lies east of Greenwich Village, south of Gramercy and north of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Within the East Village are several smaller neighborhoods, like Alphabet City.a b

East Village has its own unique style and preserves a laid-back attitude. It’s not the most “hipster” or bohemian neighborhood anymore, but it’s definitely one of the most livable ones in Manhattan.

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Famous Restaurants you can find at the East Village:

  • Yuca Bar, offering a fusion of Latin cuisine from over a dozen countries in Latin America and Spain.
  •  Pylos from famous Greek chef Diane Kochilas, honors the breadth of the traditional Greek cuisine by bringing fresh, wholesome cooking from all regions of Greece to an elegant, contemporary and comfortable setting and
  • Caracas Arepa Bar in order to try delicious Venezuelan arepas and more than 30 rums from the Caribbean islands, Central and South America.

e photo 1

Try also the Salty Pimp Cone for $5 plus tax at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (61 Grove St.). As the shop’s co-owner joked some time ago at DNAinfo.com “the shop is located at the corner of gay and gayer”. The Salty Pimp Cone is vanilla ice cream with injections of dulce de leche, it’s dropped into hot chocolate while it has sea salt at the bottom. It’s a delicious mix of sweet and salty and of course it’s their most popular item! Don’t be scared from the line which goes even outside the shop. It’s because the shop is tiny. They are efficient and it moves pretty fast.  photo 2 photo 3

– Testing NYC

P.S. When you go, let me know!


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