Cafe Lalo – The most famous cafe in NYC, featured in “You’ve got mail”

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Now you can read. Welcome to Cafe Lalo in Upper West Side!


Cafe Lalo claims to be the most famous cafe in New York City. It’s probably true. I am pretty sure you know Cafe Lalo even if you don’t know that you know it! I don’t know if Cafe Lalo became famous because of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks hanging there at “You’ve got mail” movie or if they chose the scene to be there because it’s such a cute, famous and with a European Air cafe. This question is so similar to “The chicken made the egg or the egg made the chicken?” that I’m afraid I will never be able to answer.

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e photo 1Even if they are famous for their cappuccino (Try it! They always bring a small Toblerone with the coffee!!), their cakes (they have more than 100 whole cakes) and their desserts , they expanded lately their bar and they serve dessert wines, aperitifs after dinner drinks and cognacs. photo 2 photo 3

They also serve brunch and all day foods like grilled sandwiches, homemade soups and salads.

Here is the famous scene where Meg Ryan meets Tom Hanks here in Upper West Side at Cafe Lalo:

Cafe Lalo

201 W 83rd St., New York, NY

Closest subway station: 86th St (1 train)

– Testing NYC

P.S. If you go, let me know!!


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