Moving out?

Finding an apartment in New York is one of the most nerve-racking experiences, even for native New Yorkers; let along all of us that we moved here at a specific time of our adult life. That’s what they say (I am just starting the process of looking around for a new apartment and I’m already a bit disappointed). And, when we finally manage to find our own matchbox, we have to deal with moving into it.
There are companies to help you out with this process. Personally, I have not yet used any of them as I still live at the same apartment since the time I moved here, almost 2 years ago.

But which one to choose? I am sure there are fancy ones, pricey ones, cheaper ones, or even “man-with-a-van situations” which will probably cost you less. The reason I am writing all this is because I came across Unpakt, which is a new site from the entrepreneurial founder of FlatRate Moving. He claims he has streamlined the entire process.

By entering your addresses and your move dates, you will make an inventory of furniture and belongings (which you can also save for later, never having to re-enter it all again). You’ll instantly receive a list of quotes with guaranteed pricing, and from there you can compare moving companies’ profiles (including user reviews) and book on the site. Of course afterward, you can review your own experience as well.

Check it out and happy moving!!

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