The most beautiful university is 1 hour and a half from New York

Yale is the most beautiful university of the world. Seriously.

It is located in New Haven, Connecticut and it’s only one hour and a half driving from our place. The weirdest thing ever? Without any tolls at all! New Haven is a city with New England charm and a cosmopolitan energy, maybe that is why it reminded me so much of English architecture and style.

As soon as we got there and started walking around, we both noticed that the faces of the people there (all young, obviously) were really intelligent. You could certainly tell from the kind-of-“geeky”- faces that you were walking around in a hard to get into and high end university. It was in the air; speaking of which, it was so, so, so, so cold! I think the temperature was below -10 C in New Haven this past Sunday. It was impossible to stay out for a long time, especially for me that I needed to have my fingers uncovered in order to be able to use my phone and take pictures, was a true nightmare!

We walked around a little bit and we soon got into a diner because we were both freezing. My husband had lunch and I had a hot chocolate. The diner was decorated with a fake library on one of its walls. Even if I would like it more to be real, it looked nice.


I will definitely go back during spring or fall, when the temperature permits long walks because the place is really amazing.

A little bit of Yale history:  Yale was founded in 1701 to preserve the tradition of European liberal education  in the New World. In 1718, the school was renamed to “Yale College” in gratitude for the donations of Welsh merchant Elihu Yale. In the 19th Century, the Institution added several graduate and professional schools, becoming “Yale University” in 1887. Yale is consistently ranked among the top three Universities in the world by US News and World Report and has the second largest university library system in the world.


What do you think of Testing NYC? Places to recommend? Please share!

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