A yellow cab app for NYC!

I first readfor such application in a Greek website (yes, this is weird, I know) and I was wondering how this does not exist in NYC. Then, I thought, maybe the cabs here do a very good job and it is not needed as it probably was in Athens.

Athens yellow cabs

Then, yesterday I found about this.

I was not for a lack of innovation  but rather from governmental pushbacks, lobbying and legality. That was, until today.
Back in December, the Taxi & Limousine Commission voted to allow yellow-cab drivers to use e-hailing apps (HailoGetTaxi,TaxiMagic and such), starting on February 15!

The good news: You’re finally allowed to send out a ride request, receive an alert that a cab is on its way and pay your fare automatically.

The bad news: None of the aforementioned apps have officially cleared the TLC (Taxi & Limousine Commission) approval process yet. Bureaucracy, sigh.

Yellow cabs NYC

Yellow cabs NYC

Still, we think the forthcoming contenders (many of which have similar features) are worth knowing about now–and our money is on Hailo to rise as the leader of the pack. It’s already incredibly successful in Boston, Chicago, Toronto and London and has high-profile investors like Richard Branson and a former Starbucks exec running operations. It’s free to download but will tack on a small fee per ride ($1.50 is Chicago’s off-peak rate).

Get a head start with a sweet $10 credit: Just enter your email address, and Hailo will notify you when it launches in NYC (any day now, they swear).

Sign up for Hailo here.

– Testing NYC

Source: Pure Wow NY

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