One snowy day in New York…With Nemo.

Winter Storm Nemo

Nemo visited us on Friday February 8th. The light snow started actually on Thursday night so on Friday morning when I lifted the blinds, everything was already white. That is the very first photo I took from my window around 11 am, before actually Nemo was in the City.


At 3 it was snowing more and the visibility got reduced. The two pictures are taken from the exact same window.


Around 4 pm we had to run to the grocery store which is located 2 blocks from our building to buy some supplies for the weekend. I love how both of us (me and my husband) have been extremely proactive in this case! But it was a good chance as well to take some quick pictures with my phone.

All the photos below are around our building.











And the night came…


The next morning it was not snowing, the atmosphere was very clear and it looked really beautiful! This is the Hudson River, across the river is New Jersey and at the left part of the picture, deep down, after George Washington Bridge is Manhattan’s skyline.



On Sunday we finally managed to move the car and we went to Manhattan.


Central Park taken from the car.


We had a very nice walk in Central Park but it was a little bit cold. Or better said, I was not prepared and well dressed for this weather. Don’t ask! I have no idea why not.






That’s me holding a cup of hot tea trying to warm up.

1 4

There were cute, little snowmen everywhere. We were too cold to touch the snow and make one but we added a our cool detail to the first guy we met…sunglasses!!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I hadn’t seen New York like this since January 2011. Last year it was almost a no snow winter.

NYC is beautiful in any weather…

– Testing NYC

2 thoughts on “One snowy day in New York…With Nemo.

    • I was working from home. The first photo I actually took it because my colleagues were asking for Nemo updates and I live northern of anybody else.

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