Testing NYC ‘s Giveaway and more details on how to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Giveaway-imageI was thinking the last couple of weeks that I would like to do a giveaway when my site should reach 2,000 views. Today I am very excited because this time has come! So, I would like to thank all of you that have clicked here and there, have read a little something or have seen my photos, by organizing a giveaway.

What you have to do is very simple and what you will win (one of you!) is a $20 Amazon gift card. At first I thought that the gift should be something that represents NYC, but since I have found what I was looking for yet, I went with my second choice. Some of you may think that an amazon gift card does not represent New York at all, but for me, it does. Amazon became my sweet mania since I moved to New York.

To get to the point, all what you have to do is:

1. Go to www.testingnyc.com.

2. Find where it says “Do you like Testing NYC?”, enter your email address in the text box below and click Subscribe.

3. That’s it!

For those who would like to participate but you are already following me, you can leave a comment below this post.

Valid entries will be the ones from the time this post is published (Sunday Jan 27th) until Sunday Feb 3rd, 11.59 pm (US Eastern Time).

Good Luck!

One thought on “Testing NYC ‘s Giveaway and more details on how to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

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