Mottsu: Japanese restaurant with good food and reasonable prices


Ginjo Sake (In plural? Ginjos Sake??)


Strange flavor tea

Today I wanted something different for lunch, there was no chance that I was going to the same Deli I go all the time. So, even if it was a cold day, I walked a little bit more than the usual and went to Mottsu. It is a Japanese restaurant in Nolita but before heading there, I had previously seen online that they have take out as well and that they have some lunch boxes that looked like an option for a quite different lunch.

I ordered the shrimp tempura lunch box. While I was waiting for my food they offered me this cup of tea (photo above). The cup was too cute, but the tea had a strange smell. However, it was nice of them to offer a hot cup of tea in a cold day.


Miso Soup


Shrimp Tempura

The lunch box is served with rice, miso soup, a small, fresh salad and 2 pieces of shrimp shumai. Also, you get one choice of side dish, between tuna or California roll, 3 pieces of sushi, or 3 pieces of sashimi, or cooked seaweed hijki. I chose the sushi for today.

The miso soup was OK, but not anything special. The salad was lettuce, cucumber, tomato (at this point I was impressed because the tomato was actually good, which does not always happen in New York; many times the tomatoes are pinkish instead of red and, of course, tasteless) and very thin slices of red cabbage and carrot. It had on the side a weird (for me) sauce which I was not able to identify. I just tried it alone (did not put it on the salad) and as I had the salad for dinner, I added my own olive oil and balsamic vinegar with just a pinch of salt, converting it to a Mediterranean salad which is always the safest option for me.

The sushi was good. It was one piece of tuna, one piece of salmon and I am not sure about the third one (you can have a look at the photo, it is the white one next to the tuna and the salmon, if you know what it is, please let me know at the comments :)). Apart from the fried shrimps there were also some fried veggies (broccoli).

In general, everything was good. It was not the best Japanese or the best sushi I have ever had in my life but it is a very good option for lunch if you are in the area. The amount of food was a lot, so I ate half of it and I guess I’m good to go for tonight’s dinner.

The shrimp tempura lunch box costs $13 incl. tax but there are slightly cheaper options if you have veggie, chicken  or tofu instead of shrimp. They also do delivery ($10 minimum).


285 Mott St., New York

Closest subway station: Broadway-Lafayette (B,D,F,M trains), Bleecker St. (6 train), Prince St. (N, R trains).

(212) 343-8017

-Testing NYC

P.S. If you go, let me know!

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