New York is…

New York is crazy shopping at Century 21.

New York is yellow and red leaves everywhere in fall.

New York is buying a large coffee with milk from the street cart in the corner as soon as I get out of the subway in the morning.

New York is pancakes with maple syrup.

New York is millions yellow NYC Taxis.

New York is the guy who makes that coffee who is asking me with his funny accent “Hi sweety, how are you today?” and he says “Ok, see you later!” when I am about to leave.

New York is running like crazy in Grand Central to catch the train. New York is also walking around in Grand Central when I arrive earlier and I have to wait for the next train.

New York is happy hours in SoHo.

New York is walking fast in 5th Avenue and looking the most impressive windows ever.

New York is seeing everywhere people holding plastic cups from Starbucks. Especially women.

New York is dirty subways.

New York is freezing sometimes (like this week!).

New York is driving in West Side Highway at night and looking at New Jersey.

New York is long commuting.

New York is the Brooklyn Bridge and the views to Manhattan.

New York is looking at Hudson River and the George Washington bridge everyday from my window.

New York is the butternut squash soup I buy from the Deli on Broadway.

New York is crazy people on the subway.

New York is amazing restaurants. Expensive, but with delicious food.

New York is being every day in places you had only seen in movies before.

New York is walking in Riverside Park looking at the river.

New York is cocktails in chilly summer nights at a rooftop.

New York is mountains of garbage at night.

New York is Film Festivals and plays on Broadway.

New York is getting to know so many different people with so different accents. Many of them you don’t understand, but it is ok.

New York is being asked for ID in order to have a beer even if you have white hair and it’s been centuries since you were 20.

New York is Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween and all these fun things you didn’t celebrate before.

New York is having so much water around you but missing the sea. The blue sea.

New York is CostCo, Macy’s, Target and Home Depot.

New York is friends visiting often because…. it’s New York.

New York is paying insanely high rents.

New York is going out for lunch with your colleagues.

New York is running to cross the street when the light is red. Tourists stay behind at this point.

New York is ordering delivery and the food coming in this plastic I heart NY bag, or the one with the yellow happy face.

New York is crazy rain and wind breaking your umbrella. I wonder what is the ratio of broken umbrellas per New Yorker?

And as my friend Ivan added, New York is full of rats. 🙂

What is New York for you? Or, if you have not been before, what do you think it will be?

– Testing NYC

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