Siggy’s Good Food: A simple review

I found this place through yelp and our quick decision to go there was because it was only 3 blocks from the office. It was listed under Mediterranean, vegan and comfort food but when I checked their website, I saw it was 100% organic and homemade food, so I thought it would be interesting to give a try.

Coming from the Mediterranean, I have a different impression of what “Mediterranean cuisine” is and this, was not Mediterranean. This is not necessarily bad, there are many, equally good other options apart from Mediterranean, it’s just matter of knowing how to name each thing. Serving a lot of organic, fresh vegetables does not automatically make you a Mediterranean restaurant. Everything served there was organic, I was actually quite impressed that the mayo used in the sandwiches was vegan mayo; if I understand this correctly (I am not a vegan fan) this should mean it is made with no eggs? I found it a fantastic find as a healthier choice.

They have a lunch specials menu which is consisted of half soup and half sandwich. I had the 3 beans butternut squash soup and the all mighty tuna sandwich (half). The soup was very good actually. I expected to feel a little bit more the butternut squash (I love butternut squash!), but I guess the flavor of the beans is stronger than the sweet taste of butternut squash. But it was delicious.

Siggy’s Good Food

The tuna sandwich, I didn’t love. Now that I am looking at the menu again, I see that it says in the Sandwiches section “Your Choice – on 7 Grain, Ciabatta, Wheat Flax Wrap or Over Baby Greens”.  We were not asked but this may have been due to the fact that we almost all ordered the lunch specials. I didn’t really mind, I eat most types of bread and I was happy with the 2 whole grain sandwich slices. The tuna salad, though, was kind of dry and I didn’t like at all how the clover sprouts tasted, but that, I guess, is matter of personal preference.

Two of my colleagues had the egg sandwich and the burger and they both said they were delicious. Before I started writing this, also, I checked people’s reviews on yelp and they are really, really good so maybe I ordered the wrong thing. There are times that I am trying to avoid the red meat and eat a little bit healthier.

Aliens Eat Free?

I am not sure why, we were not able to make the “connection” between the two, but the whole place in Manhattan (and after a quick research I made I found out that the Brooklyn location too) is aliens-themed. I didn’t really understand why all the paintings had aliens and there is even a sign “Aliens eat free”. I read somewhere online that this is because the food is “out of this world”.

Personally I didn’t find it out of this world but it was a decent option to have lunch with $14 (tax and tip incl.). Small soup and half sandwich was ok for lunch but I didn’t feel I was going to explode. That was good in order to go back to work but then, I was a little bit hungry after 4.30pm. However, whoever has been in New York knows that eating healthy and good quality is not at all cheap. So it is a good option whenever you want to eat something really healthy. The service was also good, they were kind, the waitress responded our questions, they checked on us various times and at the end they thanked us with a smile and wished a nice day.

I would give it another try but next time I would have the egg sandwich or the burger (I read all burgers are prepared there, made by hand and it is local, organically raised grass fed beef.

Siggy's Burger

Local, Organically Raised Grass Fed Beef, Pure & Lean. Seasoned with Delicious Herbs & Spices, Served with Lettuce & Onion. {Gluten Free}

You can find Siggy’s Good Food in two locations: NoHo and Brooklyn.

Siggy’s Good Food – NoHo

292 Elizabeth St.
Between Houston & Bleecker.

Closest subway station: Broadyway / Lafayette (B,D,F,M trains), Bleecker St. (6 train)

Siggy’s Good Food – Brooklyn

76 Henry St.
Between Pineapple & Orange,
Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Closest subway station: Clark St. (2.3 trains)

– Testing NYC

P.S. When you go, let me know what you think!

What do you think of Testing NYC? Places to recommend? Please share!

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