Ukrainian food at 2.30 am? Only in New York!

There are many diners in New York that stay open 24/7. But Veselka is not a common diner. Places like that remind me why I love New York – where else, in which city could someone have Ukrainian food in the middle of the night at a restaurant which is also full of people?

I went there at 2.30 am after a party in Brooklyn. We were somehow hungry and were looking for a place, in reasonable distance that would be open and serve food that late. The menu is probably a little bit ‘confusing’; American, Mexican and Ukrainian cuisine all together. Even if I had never Ukrainian food before, nor did I know any of the dishes’ names, I thought I should try one of the Ukrainian specialties. This proved to be a wise decision because the borscht was incredibly delicious, so good! The borscht is a beet soup (that’s why it has this intense, red color) but I am pretty sure I felt little pieces of meat in there which gave an incredible touch to its taste.





Whenever you are a long night out at East Village, Lower East Side or SoHo, pass by Veselka before ending your night. This borscht is the best thing that can happen to you after drinking or in a NYC cold winter night!

Veselka has 2 locations in Manhattan.


– East Village: 144 2nd Ave. at the corner of 9th St.

Nearest subway station: Astor Pl. (6 train)

(212) 228-9682

– Bowery: 9 E 1st St.

Nearest subway station: 2nd Ave. (F train), Bleecker St. (6 train), Broadway – Lafayette St. (B,D, F, M trains)

(212) 387-7000

-Testing NYC

P.S. When you go, let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Ukrainian food at 2.30 am? Only in New York!

  1. Love this place and everything on the menu! just went there the other day with a large group and got to try a bit of everything. It was my first time going to the one off Bowery…… love it!

  2. Hi Sean, I’ve never had either before. All I can tell is that the borscht is absolutely delish!! I have found the recipe and will try to make it myself too.

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