Little Brazil…only minutes away from Rockefeller Center!

Via Brazil @ Little Brazil (W46th St. bet 5th and 6th ave.)

Hey tourist! Listen to this! Little Brazil is called the block of West 46th street between 5th and 6th avenue. It’s literally only a couple of minutes walking from Rockefeller Center and Grand Central ; that means right in the center of midtown.

I was walking there today in order to find a specific store. You will find various Brazilian restaurants there. Even if I haven’t tested anyone yet (promise will do soon), so I cannot really recommend, what I found after a quick search on the web is that the most famous is probably Via Brazil. Via Brazil is also ‘Brazilian diplomat recommended’ as the most authentic in New York City, maybe it’s accurate!

I think Little Brazil is a good option for tourists that are always moving on the triangle Times Square (the place with the most Facebook check-ins on the world for 2012!) – Rockefeller Center – Grand Central. It’s walking distance and a chance to try something different. It should be noted that Via Brazil is not a churrascaria. Of course, they serve meat, but from all the reviews I read the highlights are the Feijoada (which is one of the most traditional dishes of Brazil), the Bahian dishes (Moqueca, camarones in hearts of palm sauce), the passion fruit mousse and not to forget the Caipirinha!!

Give Little Brazil a try and let me know!

-Testing NYC

What do you think of Testing NYC? Places to recommend? Please share!

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