The ShowerPower

It’s been years that all the big decisions are taken, all solutions to “problems” are found while I am in the shower. Or, while driving. Somehow I’m very brilliant while I shower and drive. I have amazing ideas and thoughts (I am not always that humble!). Unfortunately I don’t drive (yet) in the US. …Rats! My ‘brilliant moments’ are cut down in half!!

Anyway, what was I saying? Ah, that magical power of shower, I already knew. What I didn’t know is that it would apply to this blogsite (that’s how I want to call it), as well. And here I am, it’s almost 1 am, I shower in order to go to bed and suddenly, I grab my bathrobe and I run to my laptop because, suddenly, I have like four different ideas about new posts and my Facebook page and I’d better write them down now, otherwise tomorrow morning all this showerpower will be gone.

After I realized that, I also realized it’s not only me. Guess what, it’s official, I googled it- People’s Best Ideas Come In The Shower. And here is why:

    1. Most probably you are not interrupted in there.
    2. Most of the times you have alone time to relax and think.
    3. This is not a hard task, come on. Not a lot of thinking is required to make it happen, which means you are free to think about other things.
    4. A hot shower opens the pores — and by extension, maybe the mind?
    5. It is actually the only time (and when swimming) that it’s literally impossible that you check your phone or your iPad, your email or your Facebook.
    6. You really relax in the shower. Shower is completely stress free, so your mind can think of anything.
    7. The rush of water creates a kind of “white noise” that makes concentration easier.

All these are probably true but the real, scientific explanation is that all of us, every day, we think. All the time. Like non-stop. The think is that in our everyday lives we get distracted almost all the time; our phones, people on the street, the train that just arrived, the cars passing by, the husband that just talked to us (what did you say honey?) and so many other things. We are bombarded with information and our conscious mind dominates our ‘unconscious’ thoughts. That’s what it means to be conscious, you have thoughts and ideas all the time. The thing is we don’t even realize.

It’s only when we have private time, time for ourselves, somewhere nobody is going to talk to us (at least not a lot), somewhere we will not even bring our phones/laptops/tablets in, that our conscious minds quiet down enough and our subconscious is finally Yep, it’s there!

This is the main reason why we get the best ideas in the shower.

– Testing NYC

P.S. I didn’t come up with these things. I read these facts from a guy, named Mitch Ditkoff (you may want to check out his blog, The Heart of Innovation) and another guy, named Scott Berkun (he also has a blog).


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