World’s biggest Menorah is in NYC!

Menorah in Central Park

World’s biggest Menorah is in New York City. That’s right, it is outside Central Park, on 5th Avenue and East 59th Street. If you don’t know what a Menorah is (I am not Jewish so I had no idea before I moved to the City; I had only seen it on Friends, in the episode “The one with the Black Out”, but still, I didn’t know it was called ‘menorah’).  I also posted something relevant the other day on Facebook (link).

Anyhoo, Central Park’s Menorah is 32 feet tall and 4,000-pounds. The organizers needed a construction crane to reach the very top. The giant Menorah was lit this Saturday (December 8th, 2012) in celebration of the first night of Hanukkah.

The photo of the Menorah above is taken from The Official Blog of Park West Gallery.

– Testing NYC

If you go, let me know!

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