Are you…Mad for (fried, Korean) Chicken?

Last night I was out in SoHo after work for drinks. We were at one of my favorite bars in Manhattan (it totally deserves a separate post). I won’t say more for now.

Anyway, after a few vodka cocktails and some of us being hungry, my colleague came up with the idea of going to a place in Koreatown for fried chicken. He said that this would definitely be a place that I could blog about so I thought I should give it a try. If for some reason I had to describe it with only two words, these would be either “amazing experience”, or “secret place”, or “totally recommended”. I guess I could go on (and on) finding 2 word combinations but I guess you will be bored. And the place is not boring at all!

First of all, I swear, there is no chance that you can ever find this place if somebody (aka Testing NYC) does not talk to you about it or take you there. That’s one of the reasons that makes it more special to me. Mad for Chicken is perfectly located in Midtown, on 5th Ave. between 31st and 32nd St. It is so easy to get there but, at the same time, it is so ‘hidden’. When we got out of the cab, we were standing on 5th ave between 31st and 32nd, as we were advised, and it was three of us trying to find a sign or something, with no luck. Well, in order to find this place, you need to get to 314 5th Ave., get into this building where you’d never imagined there’s a restaurant and go to the 2nd Floor.

Try the drums, they are amazing. I loved the garlic ones; the hot ones were good as well but they were way too spicy for me. 4 or 5 per person are enough, especially if you are also having appetizers or fries.

Drums at Mad for Chicken

Drums at Mad for Chicken

Also, do not miss the beer tower. But get ready to drink beer. This was one of the biggest beer towers I’ve ordered in New York City.

The Beer Tower at Mad for Chicken

The Beer Tower at Mad for Chicken

The lychee soju was also good, if you like the flavor of lychee. I had never tried lychee until I moved to New York City, where the lychee martinis are very common.

Photo from Yelp: The Lychee Soju at Mad for Chicken

Photo from Yelp: The Lychee Soju at Mad for Chicken

I think we were the only non-Asians in this place, which I consider a good thing; that means the food was authentic enough. The food was delicious and not pricey at all. We paid $55 per person (tax and tip included) but we left holding three bags of leftovers, so it was a lot of food on the table! A must-taste, trust me.

*** They only accept Cash and American Express. At least they have an ATM right outside the door, if you are like me, that I went there twice without cash (and I don’t own an AMEX).

Mad for Chicken

314 5th Ave. (2nd floor), New York

Nearest subway station: 34th St./Herald Square (N,Q, R trains), 33rd St. (6 train)

(212) 714-9700

-Testing NYC

P.S. When you go, let me know what you think!

What do you think of Testing NYC? Places to recommend? Please share!

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