Cats in NYC

I am a cat lover. I had cats back home and I miss not having a cat here. When I thought about ‘Cats in NYC’ and started looking for a few photos on the web, I didn’t know or imagine that I would find out some interesting facts.

Fact #1: In NYC there are stray cats. There are not stray dogs, but cats, there are.

I had seen cats in backyards outside of the city (like in New Jersey, or Riverdale, or Yonkers etc) and I was wondering how the owners make these cats stay in the backyard. Back home, I was living on a 2nd floor and we were unable to oblige the cats stay only in our balcony when they were going out. You could find my cats everywhere; under my car, in our building’s front door waiting until someone would open the door, at the stairs. But, I just found out that the owners here are also unable to make the cats stay only in their backyard. How would I ever think that a cat would stay just in a backyard?!
These actually are not stray cats. But, stray cats is a fact. Another fact is that architects have competed for the best stray cat “cat-home”. There is a photo of the winner home below.

Fact #2: Most Delis have cats. I, really, had no idea.

And here is why: It’s not just because Deli owners just love cats. It’s because, as everybody knows, in Manhattan there are lots of unwelcome creatures; let’s not name. Cats, apparently, do a really good job. Judging from the results, they probably do a better job than exterminators and poisons.

Check this out: Deli Cat NYC is a website I just found, showcasing the kitties living in Delis in all around New York City. You can see the photos of the cats, their name, which Deli they’re living in and you can even submit your own DeliCat. I’m already a fan of Deli Cat NYC!

These are some of the cats I discovered around the City (all photos link to their source):

Cat living in Fish Market

Cat at a bodega in Brooklyn

Fat Cat in Park Slope, Brooklyn

A-Rod Grocery Cat

A-Rod Grocery Cat in Brooklyn

Cat at a newsstand in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Cat at Spoiled Brat pet supply store, in Hell’s Kitchen

Deli Cat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Cat on a Tenement Steps, New York, circa 1890s

This is the 2011 Architects for Animals cat house winner, mentioned above

Cat in Manhattan

Cats in Chelsea

Cats over New York Posters

What do you think of Testing NYC? Places to recommend? Please share!

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