Weekends in New York are never long enough.

Weekends, I guess, are not long enough at any part of the world, but in New York, even more. Let me explain why.

First, you go out on Friday night. It starts -kind of- sometime after work and it ends somehow around 4 to 5 am. No, it’s not Saturday morning yet. It’s just 5 am.

Then, you go to sleep. As you are exhausted from a whole week of work and commuting plus the partying on Friday night (shhh…maybe Thursday as well), you take your 8 hours of good sleep. When you open your eyes, it’s Saturday 1 pm.

I won’t rumble on too long. Long story short, here is how it works for me. What i have left for Saturday is a little bit more than half-day. I like making coffee and breakfast when I wake up (even if it’s not ‘real’ breakfast time) and read. I go through my emails, Facebook, my blog, other blogs, articles I find interesting on Facebook and so on. 3 hours are easily gone like this. I don’t even understand how time flies. Don’t take me out of my sofa and my iPad or laptop before 4 pm on a Saturday.

Then, Saturday is also dry cleaner’s day (it is closed on Sunday, at least the guy where I usually go, so he leaves me with no other option). But, that’s it, so Saturday is, basically, rest day.
On Sunday, I am usually undecided and with a great dilemma. I either can go out, enjoy the day, meet friends, have brunch, or drinks etc or, I can clean my apartment, do laundry and get ready for the coming week. I need both equally. If I don’t go out I feel like I let the weekend go away and if I do, I hate when the apartment is in a mess. One of the things that really put me in a very bad mood is waking up in the morning or, getting back home from work and see a messy apartment.

Ant then, wait, there is more. Should I put those on the list as well? Really? Like, where and when? Grocery store? Gym, maybe? Talk on the phone or Skype my family and friends? Weekends in New York will never be enough and I will eternally try to squeeze everything in these 2 days.

Do you also have the same issue? Share your dilemmas and give me some ideas, if you have found any kind of solution.


2 thoughts on “Weekends in New York are never long enough.

  1. Hiiiii On busy weeks I use to do the cleaning part little by little spread during the week ..like cleaning the floor one day, another day bathroom and kitchen cleaning, another laudry, etc. Myonly purpose was to once in a while have the whole weekend to enjoy except to clean

    • Not always easy Ivonne… If, for example, leave from the office on time, at 6 pm, I will get home 7.30. Cooking and eating will take another hour and a half, if not more. It’s already 9.30-10! And that’s the best case scenario.

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